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Editorial Team

Professor Makarovsky Ruslan Sergeevich

Editor in Chief

1. Dr. Balu Ranganathan Ph.D. Associate Editor Palms Connect LLC, #8017 Showcase Lane, Sandy, UT 84094, USA

Subject & Specialization: Breast cancer therapy, Breast image processing, Drug delivery, Cell imprinting, Nanomedicine, Biochemical engineering

2. Dr. Dai-Viet N. Vo  Associate Editor Director, CoE for Green Energy & Environmental Nanomaterials, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Vietnam

Subject & Specialization: Hydrogen, Catalysis, Reforming, Photocatalysis, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

3. Dr. Hafiz Suleria Ph.D. Editorial Board Member Food Science and Nutrition Department of Agriculture and Food Systems The University of Melbourne Australia

Subject & Specialization: Food Science and Nutrition

4. Dr. Mohammad Reza Alizadeh Ph.D. Editorial Board Member Associate Professor (Biosystems Engineering) Department of Agricultural Engineering Rice Research Institute of Iran (RRII)

Subject & Specialization: Design and development of agricultural machinery, mechanization of crop production and post- production, physical and mechanical properties of agricultural products, and precision agriculture.

5. Prof. Kewen Zhao Editorial Board Member  Institute of Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences: Qiongzhou University, Sanya, China

Subject & Specialization: Combinatorial Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Interconnection Networks, Wireless Networking, and Discrete structure